At Poplar, we’ve been crafting, designing and producing high quality furniture from our family-run factory since 1949. We’re as proud of our contracts with our retail, hospitality, educational and commercial partners as we are of the indoor and outdoor tables and chairs, sofas and stools that we make for them. From standard models to tailored bespoke creations, Poplar products are in bars and restaurants, schools and universities and businesses all over the UK.


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You’ll work with us through the design phase so that we can transform your requirements into great looking furniture solutions made to the highest of standards.


Our family-run factory offers end-to-end furniture manufacturing, with cutting-edge techniques used to ensure your furniture is made to the highest quality.


Our expert team will deliver and install your furniture, making sure that it’s secure and in position for your people to enjoy it. 


Setting the scene for your community to thrive starts with making sure they have what they need to come together. Our community furniture can be designed to well-known standards, creating spaces for co-working and communal dining, or we can create bespoke solutions for your space.

Manufacturer to the both the highest quality and technical specifications, our community furniture can increase your seating capacity and turnover or encourage your customers to linger longer and spend more. Our design can meet your budget and objectives.

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How you craft your leisure furniture can set the tone for your space. At Poplar, we can use our many decades of experience to work with you on shapes, coverings and colour schemes to ensure that your seating areas are as comfortable, cosmopolitan or corporate as you need them to be.

Our leisure seating ranges include chairs, seats and sofas, alongside benches, tables and glamourous high-style bar stools. Our design team are ready to help you understand what you can do with your space. We’ll take you through the finishes and fabrics, the shapes and styles.

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With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we’re able to develop and create furniture solutions that perfectly match your needs, whether it’s working around your brand’s green credentials or creating a centrepiece that will get people talking. Our production techniques and in-house expertise means that we can develop pieces around your requirements. 

Many brands use their furniture and community spaces to underpin their brand values, through use of colour and concept. We can design and develop pieces integrating your brand colours precisely.

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